Heb 12:1
"Throw off what hinders and run the race with eyes on Jesus." (Author of Hebrews)

Benefits of Christian Faith-Integration

Spiritual growth and renewal can have wonderful benefits for living a free and abundant life. Close spiritual connection with God through the atoning sacrifice of Christ, can foster increased feelings of peace, care, togetherness, hope, happiness, and purpose. Being assisted in this journey can create new pathways for growth and recover the power in those that have become rote.

Our faith-integrated services can help you:

  • Develop practices to engage with God in your daily life
  • Explore how to have a deeper relationship with God
  • Process tough questions, disappointments, and anger toward God or Christian culture
  • Facilitate meaningful interactions with God when you are trying to discern His direction, call, or will for you
  • Connect truths about God to personal experiences with Him
  • Understand and embrace your identity in Christ
  • Dive into greater scriptural comprehension and application
  • Approach God to receive His care and ministry
  • Grow in experiential knowledge of God’s love, mercy, kindness, forgiveness, justice, and more

The spiritual support woven into our services are designed to offer you a warm, empathic, spiritual advocate who is eager to champion your pursuit of God and His lavish, gracious, love for you.

Mercy Seat Ministry clinicians will:

  • present opportunities for you process your experiences with God
  • give space for you to discern God’s will or message to you
  • show compassion if you are wrestling with your faith
  • help you clarify and seek what you long for from God
  • provide spiritual encouragement, companionship, and intercession
  • hold space for God to minister to you
  • help you lift up your concerns to God and listen for His response
We will NOT:
  • interpret your spiritual experiences for you
  • cloud your understanding with our opinions
  • impose our beliefs or moral code upon you
  • speak as though we are the authority on what God says or wants
  • force you to discuss spiritual things if you prefer not to
  • judge you as though we are God