•       “My husband and I came to Mercy Seat Ministry desperate. Our marriage was heading down the wrong track, as we were fighting constantly, the intimacy had diminished, and we were barely hanging on. I was scared and thought that we were headed towards separation and ultimately divorce. Gina and Lisa’s ministry had a profound impact on the course of our marriage. I can confidently say that in a few months our marriage has taken a sharp turn for the better! With sound biblical teaching, and God inspired worship there was a beautiful healing environment for our walls to come down. Mercy Seat truly provided that safe place for our individual feelings to be heard. Although our marriage isn’t perfect today, my husband and I are more unified than ever. I have learned how to respect the man God created him to be, and he is stepping out and nurturing my needs. Our communication has improved as well. God has used this unique counselling style to set us free from years of pain and dysfunction. I would highly recommend Lisa and Gina for any married couple that feels stuck or hopeless. Don’t give up – His saving grace and power is here!”


  •      “Mercy Seat is an amazing Christian ministry that desires to bring healing and freedom in Christ. Lisa and Gina are a great team that seek God’s wisdom and guidance throughout each session. All advice and encouragement is based on the Bible and His leading. The advice they have given me has helped me overcome difficult valleys and has shown me how I can lean into Him in all things.”


  •      “During one of the darkest periods of my life Mercy Seat (Lisa& Gina) became one of my safe places. A safe place to be sad, angry, confused, hopeful, and everything else in between. Through my experience in this ministry I grew deeper in my faith. Lisa and Gina facilitated many moments of authentic intimacy with Jesus amidst my brokenness. I was encouraged to bring all my questions and fears to the Lord, and through this vulnerability was able to see hope and experience healing I could not have imagine possible prior to Mercy Seat.”


  •      “Every person has a story and every person experiences pain.  As a Christian mother my innermost desire and prayer was to see my children serving the Lord in whatever capacity He had for them. As I watched them fall away one by one through devastating events my pain became unbearable. My life lost meaning and inwardly I had no hope left. In many ways life became robotic. I focused on my job and kept myself busy. I began to prefer isolation and I wanted to “cocoon” myself up tight in order to feel safe from further pain. My cocoon was comforting but it was also where I felt and expressed my deepest pain and sense of overwhelming hopelessness.
    When my youngest child turned from the Lord, my last strand snapped. I found myself in Lisa and Gina’s office a broken woman. The life and Christian values that I had done my very best to instil in my children had completely shattered and I was left trying to put pieces of a broken mirror back into place.
    My time with these two godly women began very gently but God had work to do. A spiritual war was declared in that counselling room and my pain and feelings of hopelessness and loss were laid bare, my cocoon was torn apart. Spiritual truths, prayer and scripture began to clothe me and were declared over me. Realizing that Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy us took meaning in my escapism. As strongholds, deceiving lies, and chosen pathways were revealed, Lisa and Gina not only led me in prayer to renounce them but they walked hand in hand with me, sometimes almost carrying me. They led me back and placed me in the arms of the good shepherd – Jesus.
    I found a new pasture after that summer. No longer did I need to cocoon or isolate myself. Even though circumstances have not changed, I am now free to follow and hear my shepherd’s voice when he calls. I stay close to him because he knows my pain, he knows my name.
    I thank the Lord so much for directing me to this ministry. It set me free.”


  •      “I first came to Mercy Seat Ministry for help in coping with a recently diagnosed health problem. Gina and Lisa were both very helpful in terms of listening to my issues, praying with me and offering ways to deal with the difficult things that can happen in life. They impressed upon me that the ending answer for any problem is always God. I left Mercy Seat Ministry with more hope for the future and a stronger relationship with God.”