Information you share during Counselling sessions, will be kept confidential. We will not tell anyone what you have shared, or even that you are receiving services from Mercy Seat Ministry, without your prior written permission.

Exceptions to Confidentiality

However, there are four legal exceptions to this promise of confidentiality. In each of the following situations, we are required by law to notify the appropriate authorities.

  1. If you threaten to harm someone.
  2. If you have a plan to commit suicide and intend to act on it.
  3. If you report abuse or neglect of a child.
  4. If your counselling records are subpoenaed by law.

Electronic Messaging:

  • Please be aware that email and text messaging pose risks to confidentiality due to potential cyber breaches.
  • By providing us your contact information, you are consenting to us using that information to correspond with you.

Emergency Services

If you are experiencing an emergency, you must seek appropriate medical help from your doctor, the nearest hospital emergency service, or by calling 911.

Mercy Seat Ministry does NOT offer emergency services of any kind.