John 14:1
"Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God and also in me." (Jesus)


Counselling at Mercy Seat Ministry is a Christian faith-based service designed to support holistic healing and freedom for you. We integrate proven and effective counselling techniques with Christian practices such as prayer, scripture exploration and application.

Our counselling sessions occur at various locations in Chilliwack and Langley, BC. Our typical session length is two hours. This longer timeframe facilitates deeper exploration of concerns, opportunities to integrate faith-based practices, and faster results for you.


Our Dynamical Neurofeedback® sessions use EEG and computer technology to train your brain to function at its best. When your brain is working optimally, you will experience fewer disruptive symptoms, more cognitive flexibility, and be able to “bounce back” more effectively from stress and difficulties.

NeurOptimal® training sessions are available in Chilliwack and Abbotsford, BC. Sessions are 50-minutes in length.

Christian Faith Integration

Mercy Seat Ministry exists to assist people to find healing and freedom through the redeeming power of Jesus Christ, and the use of proven counselling techniques.

We prioritize a therapeutically rich experience which includes space to interact with God while receiving excellent professional care. Our services are delivered within a safe, supportive environment.

Christian faith-integrated services are offered by all Mercy Seat Ministry clinicians at all locations.