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Thanks for Reaching Out



Office Locations

Mercy Seat Ministry counsellors work out of various churches in Chilliwack and Langley, BC. We value being in close proximity to those serving our communities through church ministry; however, MSM operates as an independent, non-denominational, parachurch organization.

Chilliwack - Greendale MB Church, 6550 Sumas Prairie Rd.

office location for: Lisa De Vries, Jelisa Penner & Gina Balzer

Entrance instructions: When you arrive at the church, please enter via the ground level glass doors. Have a seat on the chairs outside the main office and your counsellor will greet you at your scheduled appointment time. If your appointment is in the evening, the glass doors may be locked. Just wait by the doors and your counsellor will meet you there.

Chilliwack - Broadway MB Church, 46611 Maple Ave.

Office Location for: Carson Vogt

Entrance instructions: When you arrive at the church on Maple Ave, park in front of the glass doors to the left of the main office entrance. There will be a white Mercy Seat Ministry sandwich board out front.  Feel free to wait in your car or outside these doors, as they will be locked. Your counsellor will greet you there at your scheduled time.

Langley - North Langley Community Church, 21015 96 Ave.

office location for: Andrea Hendy

Entrance Instructions: When you arrive, please enter via the double glass office doors near the playground. Wait near the office area, or at the chairs provided near the main entrance, and your counsellor will meet you there at your scheduled time.

Central Heights Church, 1661 McCallum Rd.

Office location for: Gina Balzer

Entrance Instructions: When you arrive at the church, go to the front of the building (which faces McCallum Rd) and park in one of the wheelchair stalls. Look to the right of the OFFICE sandwich board, and you will see 4 glass doors under the NIKKEL HALL sign. Your clinician will meet you at these glass doors at your scheduled time.