John 15:4
"No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine.” (Jesus)

We are currently looking for therapists

to join our team

Benefits include:

  • above average compensation rates
  • referrals & support to cultivate a steady referral stream
  • generous access to office space
  • opportunities for peer consultation
  • faith-integration support
  • positive team dynamics
  • access to Jane office management 
  • and more…

If you are interested in joining a life-giving community with a wonderful mix of autonomy and support, please let us know.

Mercy Seat Ministry is home to passionate, professional therapists who integrate Christian faith into the healing and growth process in an ethical and effective manner. 

We function as a network of independent clinicians who work in various locations, yet benefit from a shared infrastructure and team collaboration. 

Our therapists describe Mercy Seat Ministry as life-giving, meaningful, authentic, supportive, collaborative, engaging, and sharpening.

We are eager to see you thrive – for your growth, for your clients’ benefit and for God’s glory.


Your style, your skills, your faith, your professional trajectory.

A Word from our Therapists...

I came to Mercy Seat Ministry looking for something that I wasn’t sure existed – the thoughtful and intentional integration of faith and counselling, within the context of a connected team of like-minded therapists.
To be able to offer therapy which is congruent with my worldview, and allows me to draw on both my training in psychology and create space for spiritual reflection has been the most life-giving work I have ever had the honour to engage in. 
If you are a therapist who wonders if it is possible to “do both well” – I would encourage you to reach out and start a conversation.
So many people in our churches and communities are looking for this type of service, a place to authentically engage with God in tandem with their own process of growth and healing. 
Theologian Frederick Buechner describes vocation as “the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet”. This is the space I have found at Mercy Seat Ministry.

The Mercy Seat Ministry team is made up of well-trained professionals who love Jesus. It’s been my experience that there is a deep commitment to integrating faith with evidence-based therapy. If you have a longing to integrate faith into therapy but feel unsure of how to do this well, MSM is a great place to start that conversation.

In practice, I have found MSM to strike a meaningful balance between providing structure for therapists while also creating space for professionals to bring their own therapeutic approach and ideas.  It can feel like a big step to move into a private practice setting, but the existing framework makes this step manageable.

I’m grateful for this community of other professionals to share with, ask tough questions and learn from. If you value an authentic and supportive work environment, then I imagine you will enjoy it too!

Before Mercy Seat Ministry, I worked in a variety of settings. I enjoyed many aspects of working as a therapist, yet I felt as though the most transformative gifts – Christ’s love and mercy – were not being represented in my work to the degree they had been impactful in my life.

Mercy Seat Ministry became a safe and supportive space to ethically integrate my faith into my professional work. If you share this passion of drawing from not only your psychological toolkit, but also from your faith-based experience and knowledge, then MSM might be a great fit for you.

We are a group of Christians. We are a group of therapists. We are a group who wrestles authentically. We are a group who asks tough questions and allows space for others to do the same. 

If you, too, are seeking this type of faith-integrated experience, please contact us. We would love to connect. 


Mercy Seat Ministry provides a unique opportunity to connect with an amazing group of colleagues who are passionate about integrating psychological care with Christian faith. I have felt well-equipped in navigating the desire in my own heart to pair these avenues of healing together in a way that creates an effective and ethical framework for transformation.

Since joining MSM in 2019, I have moved through various stages in my own personal and family life, creating an increase in the need for flexibility with work-life balance. I am extremely thankful for the support I have received to make these adjustments as needed, being a part of the MSM team.

Currently, I am anticipating a maternity leave for the majority of 2022. While I am excited to spend more time slowing down and focusing on family this next year, I also look forward to stepping back into my work as a part of the MSM team in 2023!

If you are interested in joining a collaborative, professional team, and have the desire to integrate psychology with Jesus centered spirituality, I encourage you to reach out and start a conversation! This could be the place for you.