Matthew 11:28
"Come to me you who are weary and I will give you rest" (Jesus)


We are Christian Counsellors serving in Chilliwack, Langley, and Surrey, BC. 

At Mercy Seat Ministry, you will experience a safe space where God’s presence is acknowledged and integrated into your journey toward health and freedom. 

You will be supported as you process your concerns and move toward your goals. You will find warmth, care and powerful interventions to help you embrace the transformation you desire. 

Samantha is currently accepting new clients

Samantha’s passion rests in letting the Spirit of God guide sessions to illuminate her clinical skills as a therapist. She desires to help individuals move towards mental, emotional, spiritual and relational growth and healing.

She offers 50-minute sessions to teens and 2-hour sessions to adults. Her services are in person or via video at a rate of $140/hr + GST. Samantha is available to meet with individual teens and adults.

Samantha’s clinical interests include identity and self-esteem issues, childhood trauma, life transitions, anxiety, depression, burnout/stress, faith integration, and relational struggles.

Julie has a waitlist of approximately 2 months.

Julie’s passion lies in creating a safe atmosphere which  includes being sensitive to the Holy Spirit so that clients can process and heal. She desires to help individuals discover their core self, and experience self-compassion.

She offers 1.5-hour sessions in-person in Langley, or via video at a rate of $140/hr + GST ($220.50 inclusive for a 1.5-hour session). Julie is available to meet with individual teens and adults. Julie is also fluent in Spanish.

Julie’s clinical interests include: relational challenges, anxiety, depression; life transitions, trauma, domestic and spiritual abuse, grief/ loss, shame and PTSD.

Jelisa Penner

Jelisa has a waitlist of approximately 4 months.

Jelisa is passionate about empowering individuals to reclaim hope amidst life’s challenges. She views health and wellness from a holistic perspective which can involve emotional, physical, mental, relational, and spiritual healing.

She offers 2-hour sessions either in-person in Chilliwack, or via video at a rate of $140/hr + GST ($294 inclusive for a 2-hour session). She is available to meet with individual teens, adults and couples.

Jelisa’s clinical interests include: emotional regulation, stress management, integrating faith and psychology, connectedness, identity, anxiety, depression/finding purpose, self-compassion, grief and loss, trauma, addiction, and shame resiliency.

Andrea Hendy

Andrea has a waitlist of approximately 3 months.

Andrea’s passion lies in helping individuals find hope and meet with God in the midst of whatever they are experiencing. 

She offers 2-hour sessions either in-person in Langley, or via video at a rate of $140/hr + GST ($294 inclusive for a 2-hour session). She is available to meet with individual adults and couples.

Andrea’s clinical interests include: anxiety; depression; relational challenges; burn-out and stress; questions around meaning and faith; and working with those involved in vocational, missionary or para-church ministries.

Andrea is also available for speaking events and group workshops.

Carson is not accepting new clients at this time.

Carson is passionate about coming alongside individuals on their journey in reclaiming hope and wholeness in all aspects of their lives. He desires to empower individuals to move toward healing of self, healing with others, and healing with God.

He offers 1.5-hour sessions in-person in Chilliwack at a rate of $140/hr + GST ($220.50 inclusive for a 1.5-hour session). He is available to meet with individual teens and adults.

Carson’s clinical interests include: anxiety, depression, trauma, substance abuse, those affected by someone else’s substance use, burn-out/stress, grief/loss and interpersonal relationships.

Carson Vogt

Lisa is not accepting new clients at this time. 

 As the team leader at Mercy Seat Ministry, Lisa’s work has shifted to supporting the development of each MSM therapist clinically and spiritually. She is passionate about creating a positive environment for faith-based practitioners to grow, and gets excited to see the impact of God moving through them in the healing process.

Lisa is also available for speaking engagements, retreat leadership, team care events, and consultation. 

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