John 14:6
"I am the way, the truth,
and the Life" (Jesus)

Seeking Abundant Life

Mercy Seat Ministry is made up of a collective of skilled counsellors who strive to integrate Christian faith with excellent modalities to support wholistic healing and freedom for you.

We function as a network of independent, ethical, and effective faith-based clinicians who work in various locations, yet benefit from a shared infrastructure and team collaboration. We currently have offices within various churches in Chilliwack, Langley, Surrey, BC.

Your unique story, personality, and journey with God is precious to us. We desire to support you and to see you thrive. 


Mercy Seat Ministry exists to assist people to find healing and freedom through the redeeming power of Jesus Christ, and the use of proven counselling techniques.


MSM is committed to prioritizing a therapeutically rich experience which includes space to interact with God and excellent professional care, within a safe, supportive environment.