Our Policies


Except in instances where Covid symptoms suddenly arise, 24-hour notification is required to cancel all sessions at Mercy Seat Ministry.  If you do not provide this 24-hour notification, you will be charged the full amount for the missed appointment.  

Voluntary Participation

Participation in all sessions and in all suggested techniques and conversations are voluntary. You may refuse participation or suggested techniques made by Mercy Seat Ministry or your therapist at any point.

Emergency Services

Mercy Seat Ministry does not offer emergency services of any kind. If you are experiencing an emergency (such as an inclination to harm yourself or someone else), you must seek appropriate medical help from your doctor, the nearest hospital emergency service, or by calling 911.


At MSM, we protect both your anonymity and confidentiality. Information you share with our team remains private and protected.

There are 4 instances when we are required by law to break confidence. They are:

    • If you are in danger of harming yourself
    • If you are in danger of harming someone else
    • If you report abuse or neglect of a child
    • If you are involved in a court case, now or in the future, in which a judge deems our records relevant to the proceedings