Helping You Find Healing, Victory and Freedom in Christ


Empowering you to heal and move toward greater vitality in your life, relationships and spirituality.


Pointing you toward faith, freedom and abundant life.

Bible Study

Providing you with resources to facilitate spiritual growth and be guided by Biblical truth.

If you are in search of Christ’s healing, victory and freedom, we would be honoured to walk with you.

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Daring You to Hope for God's Transformational Power in Your Life


"Mercy Seat is an amazing Christian ministry that desires to bring healing and freedom in Christ. Lisa and Gina are a great team that seek God's wisdom and guidance throughout each session. All advice and encouragement is based on the Bible and His leading. The advice they have given me has helped me overcome difficult valleys and has shown me how I can lean into Him in all things."



"During one of the darkest periods of my life Mercy Seat became one of my safe places. A safe place to be sad, angry, confused, hopeful, and everything else in between. Through my experience in this ministry I grew deeper in my faith. Lisa and Gina facilitated many moments of authentic intimacy with Jesus amidst my brokenness. I was encouraged to bring all my questions and fears to the Lord, and through this vulnerability was able to see hope and experience healing I could not have imagined possible prior to Mercy Seat."



"My husband and I came to Mercy Seat Ministry desperate. Our marriage was heading down the wrong track, as we were fighting constantly, the intimacy had diminished, and we were barely hanging on. I was scared and thought that we were headed towards separation and ultimately divorce. Gina and Lisa's ministry had a profound impact on the course of our marriage. I can confidently say that in a few months our marriage has taken a sharp turn for the better!