John 1:9 "The true light which comes into the world enlightens every man." .

Julie Corona-McLean, MA, RCC, CCC - Langley, BC

Quick Facts

  • Julie his currently accepting new clients.
  • Julie is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and a Certified Clinical Counsellor with the CCPA with an M.A. in Counselling Psychology from Trinity Western University.
  • Her most important goal is creating a safe therapeutic environment and therapeutic trust.
  • Julie makes room for the Holy Spirit to move in her sessions allowing clients to experience compassion, acceptance, and healing.
  • Julie’s services are available in person or via video sessions at a rate of $140+GST.
  • She is fluent in Spanish.
  • Sessions are 1.5 hours.

A word from Julie...

Welcome! I am glad you found yourself here. I acknowledge that counselling is a courageous
step. It is courageous to look within yourself and realize that there are some things not working
for you.

Something I have discovered and witnessed in the lives of many is that God meets us where we
are at. Jesus desires that we would be healed which includes emotionally. Many times we have
experienced non-death loss, suffering, and pain hoping that it would have disappeared with time
but the intense pain, hurt, and anger continues to remain. I believe in allowing space for God so
that He can move in a way that clients can experience healing. This looks different for each
person as He created us unique.

I practice from a trauma informed, accelerated experiential dynamic psychotherapy (AEDP)
approach. I believe that being attuned with my clients allows them to experience healing and
undue the loneliness and isolation that they have been experiencing. Time to time I incorporate
some elements of internal family systems (IFS). I have completed Observed and Experiential Integration
(OEI) Level 1 certification, and a level 2 AEDP therapist .

Out of the therapy room I love spending time with my family which includes my husband and our
three children. I love spending time alone in prayer and worship, and corporately with my church
family. I enjoy travelling and learning about different cultures. I am currently an undiscovered
foodie and coffee connoisseur.

If I feel like a right fit for you I encourage you to reach out. Counselling is the best investment
that you can make in yourself, that will benefit every relationship you have, especially the one with yourself.