Andrea Hendy

Andrea is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with natural intuition and powerful skills to assist in each counselling journey. Her passions are to make space for God in her sessions, to help individuals reconnect with hope, and to facilitate discovery of wholeness in self and fullness in Christ.

Understanding Your Window of Tolerance

Imagine you are walking down a street in your neighbourhood. If you were to stop and ask ten different people what the biggest mental health challenges are we face today, the response would likely be quick, and generally consistent, “anxiety and depression.” These terms have become ubiquitous in our conversations around mental health. As stigma

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Safety in the Storm

Recently I was reading the story of Jesus calming the storm in Mark chapter 4. I have read this story countless times, and can rattle it off in a flannel graph like stills across the fingers of one hand: Scene 1 – Jesus and His disciples get in the boat. Scene 2 – The storm

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